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About Kayla

Kayla Diamond wants to talk about heartbreak. She wants to air the complexities of loving and leaving a person, of missing and aching while leaning into freedom. Kayla Diamond wants to air some dirty laundry.
The Toronto born and bred pop singer is readying the release of her next EP, Dirty Laundry. A dark pop record that hums and buzzes as it propels one to dance. “My last album was more upbeat pop, more major chords. This one is more attitude. Kind of like ‘I miss you, but fuck you,” Diamond says with a laugh.
Diamond only recently started her professional music career...she was in law school, studying to become a personal injury or family lawyer. There was no linear path connecting the two. She went to the dean’s office straightaway, explaining her plight, wondering what path she should take.
“What I said was, “I got signed to a record label and I am really interested in doing this. The dean said, Go do this and if it doesn’t work out, come back to law school or do something law related.’”
Since then, Diamond’s “What You’re Made Of” and “Carnival Hearts” have racked up an impressive engagement with her audience. “What You’re Made Of” has appeared on massive Spotify playlists like New Music Now, Pop All Day, New Music Friday Canada, and Contemporary Blend, while “Carnival Hearts” has over three million plays on Spotify and almost 800,000 on Apple Music. “Carnival Hearts” has been featured on Spotify’s playlists Pop All Day, Its A Bop, and New Music Friday Canada.
Diamond’s pop music is compelling because she’s willing to share her real life with her fans in an authentic and honest way, “My song writing stemmed from the realization that I was more into women than I was into men,” says Diamond. She’s a pop artist who happens to be gay, making music that truly represents her story and so many others who want to hear their stories reflected to them.
For Dirty Laundry, Diamond again pulled directly from her life’s experiences. “A year ago, I went through a really tumultuous relationship. I dated this girl for a year and a half, and she completely manipulated my brain into thinking I am not who I think I am. She brought out probably the worst sides of me. And I wasn’t myself,” she says. Diamond continues: “(The EP) was autobiographical in the sense that I would jot down the way she was making me feel in the moment.
For the track, “Next X,” Kayla’s draws on how her ex would get jealous when she wrote music about past loves- “I can’t just be writing happy music all the time. I pull from past emotions to create new music and to hopefully resonate with what people are going through. No one is happy all the time. You can have a married artist—I’m engaged—but I’m still writing break-up songs. Nobody just wants to hear about the happy stuff. I gravitate to sad music because to me, that’s more impactful.
What Dirty Laundry has are buoyant pop hits that serve to mean something more; to be something more. Pop music’s greatest trick is making floor-thumping bangers that are secretly about the most heart-aching human experiences. Dirty Laundry is a pop Trojan Horse. Come for the hits, stay for the revelations!